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Human Single-Unit Meeting

We are proud to welcome you to the 3rd International Meeting on Human single-neuron recordings, which will take place during two full days on November 10 and 11, 2016 on the campus of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA.
This meeting is the successor to the previous two highly successful meetings (2011 at NYU and 2014 at Johns Hopkins).  Information about the previous meetings can be found at this website.

As a result of the previous meetings, we published the edited book "Single Neuron Studies of the Human Brain - Probing Cognition" by MIT Press in 2014.
The purpose of this meeting is to bring together the key people working in the field to talk about progress, challenges, technologies, ethical implications, applications, hardware, software, scientific questions and clinical considerations. The focus is on microelectrode recordings of spikes enabled by neurosurgical procedures and how human neurophysiological recordings relate to advances in our understanding of neural circuit function in rodents and macaques. The focus will be on new discoveries made since our previous meeting, with an emphasis on speakers who have either not presented in previous years or who have new exciting data. We anticipate that the meeting and accompanying social events will be an excellent opportunity to hear from and interact with many of the major laboratories active in this young but growing field.
Registration is mandatory and now available. Discount codes have been sent to invited participants. As part of the meeting , we will also organize a poster session for which abstracts can be submitted as part of registration. The best posters will be awarded a prize and certificate as well as well as oral presentation.

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