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Human Single-Unit Meeting Program

3rd Human Single-Neuron Recordings Conference and Workshop 2016

Location: Caltech, Beckman Institute Auditorium

Date and time: November 10 and 11, 2016

Scientific program committee:
Ueli Rutishauser (Cedars-Sinai/Caltech), Gabriel Kreiman (Harvard), Richard Andersen (Caltech), Ralph Adolphs (Caltech)

Organizing committee:
Gabriel Kreiman (Harvard), Ueli Rutishauser (Cedars-Sinai/Caltech), Moran Cerf (Northwestern)

Talk Format: Regular talks are 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions (5 minutes each). Keynote talks are 45 minutes. All breaks are in Beckman Institute courtyard.

Day 1 (November 10)

7.45 am Continental breakfast and registration.

8.00-8.15 Welcome, Practical Info (Organizing committee)

Session 1: Learning and Memory 1 (Chair: Rutishauser)
8.15-8.40 Rodrigo Quiroga (U Leicester, UK): Concept cells and memory.
8.40-9.05 Josh Jacobs (Columbia): Human neuronal representations in spatial navigation and memory: Evidence from single-unit and brain stimulation.
9.05-9.35 Gabriel Kreiman (Harvard/Childrens): Computational, behavioral and physiological mechanisms of episodic memory formation. 
9.35-10.00 Nanthia Suthana (UCLA) : Neuronal characterization and modulation of human episodic memory.

10.00-10.30 Break

Session 2: Vision (Chair: Adolphs)
10.30-10.55 Pieter Roelfsema (Amsterdam): The activity of neurons in early visual cortex of humans and monkeys during perceptual organization.
10.55-11.20 James Bisley (UCLA): Representations of stimulus similarity in parietal cortex.

Session 3: Clinical Neuroscience (Chair: Kreiman)
11.20-11.45 William Anderson (Hopkins): Applied computational modeling of neocortex.
11.45-12.10 Nicholas Schiff (Cornell): Cognitive motor dissociation: underlying mechanisms and challenges for establishing communication intefaces.
12.10-12.35 William Hutchison(U Toronto): Beta activity in motor thalamus and STN during an inverted centre out task.

12.35-1.30 Lunch

1.30-2.15 Keynote 1: Christof Koch (Allen Institute) : Characterizing neocortical mouse and human cell types.

Session 4: Funding Initiatives (Chair: Kreiman)
2.15-2.55 James Gnadt (NIH/NINDS) and Kurt Thoroughman (NSF): New and innovative federal funding opportunities (30 min presentation, 10 min discussion).

Session 5: Flash Presentations

2.55-3.00 Emma Krause (Harvard): Single neuron study of memory for audio-visual episodes in the human brain.

3.00-3.05 Tomer Gazit (Tel Aviv): Depicting the neural architecture constituting human motivational decision making.

3.05-3.10 Jan Kaminski (Cedars-Sinai): Evidence for persistent activity-based attractor states from human single-neurons during short term memory maintenance.

3.10-3.15 Johannes Niediek (U Bonn): Activity of semantically invariant neurons in the human MTL during LFP ripples during sleep.

Session 6: Posters
3.15-4.35 Poster Session(1.5h), including Break

Session 7: Medial temporal lobe networks in cognition (Chair: Andersen)

4.35-5.00 Florian Mormann: Single-neuron correlates of memory encoding and consolidation in the human MTL

5.00-5.25 Ralph Adolphs (Caltech) : Concurrent electrical stimulation and fMRI to map out effective connectivity in the human brain.

6.30pm: Dinner. Everyone who indicated that they will attend during registration is invited. If you registered, please confirm during check-in whether you will attend or not. Location : SECO New American Cuisine, 140 S. Lake Ave, Pasadena (walking distance from conference venue).

Day 2 (November 11)

8.15 am Continental breakfast

Session 8: BMI (Chair: Rutishauser)
8.30-9.00 Richard Andersen (Caltech) : Brain-machine interfaces using the posterior parietal cortex.
9.00-9.30 Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara (U Pittsburg): Chronic human single unit recordings: Balance of ethical considerations and potential benefits for future users of BCI technology.
9.30-10.00 Bolu Ajiboye (Case Western) : Re-thinking Paralysis: Brain machine interfaces for movement restoration in persons with Chronic High Tetraplegia.

10.00-10.30 Break

Session 9: Executive Function / Decision Making (Chair: Kreiman)
10.30-10.55 Michele Basso (UCLA): Impaired Decision-Making in Parkinson’s Disease
10.55-11.20 Ueli Rutishauser (Cedars-Sinai/Caltech): Mechanisms of error monitoring in human medial frontal cortex.

Session 10: Learning and Memory 2 (Chair: Kreiman)
11.20-11.45 Itzhak Fried (UCLA): Present and future landscape of human single neuron recordings.
11.45-12.10 Kareem Zaghloul (NIH): Human cortical neurons reinstate spiking activity during episodic memory encoding and retrieval.
12.10-12.35 Kari Hoffman (York): Sharp-wave ripples during memory-guided visual search.

12.35-1.30 Lunch

1.30-2.15 Keynote 2: Wolfram Schultz (U Cambridge): Well controlled risky gambles suitable for neuronal recording studies

2.15-2.40 Gold sponsor talk: Casey Stengel, Neuralynx, Inc. : Research in a Clinical Setting: DC Recording and Stimulation 


Session 11: Special Topics  (Chair: Fried)
2.40-3.05 Yuval Nir (Tel Aviv University): Sleep, sleepiness, and anesthesia: a view from inside.

3.05-3.30 Huib Mansvelder (University of Amsterdam): Unique properties of neuronal microcircuits of the human neocortex

3.20-4.00 Break

4.00-4.30: Moderated discussion panel 1 “Recording and analysis technology”. What problems (electrodes, spike sorting, recording, surgery) are solved and which need new approaches? What do we need and how do we get there to advance invasive human recordings? Moderators: Christof Koch, Florian Mormann.

4.30-5.00 Moderated discussion panel 2 “What does the hippocampus really do?”. What has human single-neuron work contributed to this understanding? Is there a discrepancy between rodent (navigation) vs. human (large variety of findings other than navigation) findings? What is the relationship between human and rodent findings? Moderators: Thanos Siapas, Gabriel Kreiman, Itzhak Fried.

5.00-5.15 Conclusion

The following speakers are confirmed and will present their work:
Pieter Roelfsema (Amsterdam)
Rodrigo Quiroga (Leister)
William Anderson (Hopkins)
Kareem Zaghloul (NIH)
Nanthia Suthana (UCLA)
Josh Jacobs (Columbia)
Itzhak Fried (UCLA)
William Hutchison (Toronto)
Nicholas Schiff (Cornell)
Ralph Adolphs (Caltech)
Richard Andersen (Caltech)
Christof Koch (Allen Institute/UW)
Huib Mansvelder (Amsterdam)
Wolfram Schultz (Cambridge)
Ueli Rutishauser (Cedars-Sinai / Caltech)
Gabriel Kreiman (Harvard)
James Gnadt (NIH NINDS)
Michele Basso (UCLA)
Kari Hoffman (York)
Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara (U Pittsburg)
A. Bolu Ajiboye (Case Western)

Florian Mormann (U Bonn)
Kurt A. Thoroughman (NSF)
James Bisley (UCLA)
Yuval Nir (Tel Aviv University)

There will be sessions on memory, learning, executive function, clinical neuroscience, epilepsy, sleep, stimulation, and funding. Breaks, Lunches, Dinner, and a poster session will provide ample opportunity for discussion, interaction and networking.